When I was a kid I didn’t understand what nostalgic is. After grow up, every time when I was along, I always remember the nostalgic poem taught by my parents, that becomes the beginning of the design.

  • The Tranquil Night was one of the poems which taught by my parent when I was young. The romantic nostalgia which conveyed from this poem couldn’t be understood by me at that time.When I went to college which is 1000
  • miles away from home, every time when I felt homesickness, I will recall that poem and gradually understand what nostalgia is. So I decided to de transfer the image of the poem into a product to express my feeling of homesickness.

From poem to object : “Abed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it's frost aground . ” From this verse I extract two images, the moonlight (silver light) and the frost. the moon is up to the sky and the frost is down to the ground, so I use upward projection to express moon and downward illumination to represent the frost.

Whenever I see this light, I feel like I were back to the childhood and accompanied by my family.